Pyramiding As Innovation

I don’t believe in art as representation. My work belongs to fiction and it is affected by fiction.

Master of the coup de grâce and the impossible action, Model is the grain of sand in the oyster shell of contemporary art, invoking the destabilizing irreverence of the modern avant-garde in relation to situations in contemporary art and society.

In counterpoint to the common view of contemporary abstract art, sculptures are made by attaching household abstract objects to plywood pedestals, thus conflating “low” art with the visual syntax of classical minimalist display. Coating the curvaceous object in white paint and rotating it on its pedestal 90 degrees, he causes the monochrome element to recede visually into the white walls of the gallery, conversely asserting the presence and texture of the plywood pedestal. Using whatever it takes—both material and immaterial— the artist works systematically and compulsively to disrupt and debunk prevailing art-historical and social norms.