Formal Metafiction

The exhibition “Formal Fiction” at Exchange Production explores the tension between formal Minimalism, Historicism and Fiction. Following Karl Popper’s critique for Historicism (compare Poverty of Historicism), the objects shown satirize historical influences and seek after “Could Have Beens”. Using irony and self-reflection the artist rewrites history.

Starting with a transport box from a work of Marcel Broothaers’ work Coubbeau III, which was shown at his Musée d’Art Moderne, Departement des Aigles, the artist tries to introduce the viewer to the exhibition’s topic. Alongside with the transport box, there are several fake magazines, showing installation views of the same. At the opposite, slanting wall, there’s a video installation about a fictional evolution of minimalism in art and design, beginning with the ancient Egyptian Pyramids.
The show is complemented by several toilet seats, refereeing to the Bauhaus as well as Marcel Duchamp.