Cited History

Florian Model’s interventions in museums make up a big group of works of his portfolio. One example is “Cited Hostory” – a collection of museum labels of the artist’s favourite works which he purloined from museums. The work not only challenges the institution and its conventions but also the imagination of the public.

“Cited History” is an installation made of exhibition plates, which got stolen and collected from different galleries and museums since 2004. Only criterion for the theft of a plate is the artist’s fascination for the work which belongs to it. The installation allows the viewer access to the innermost, to the works accompanying an artistic career. Different languages and logos give information about their origin so they could also be read as a travel diary. For example they inform the viewers when he was in London, Berlin or Venice and which exhibitions he has seen there. To some of the exhibited title plates the memory let appear pictures in the viewers minds and for the unknown the phantasy builds complete new artworks.