Appropriated Collection

The curator is faced with an anonymous collection of random objects. What is it’s context? He/ she doesn’t know. Does it make sense to contextualize this collection? Is it even possible? “Appropriated Collection” is a container of a collection from Kim Dot Com, who’s collection of weird stuff got confiscated a few years ago during a dramatic raid on the home of German internet entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom, who is currently facing extradition to the US for charges of copyright infringement, money laundering, and racketeering relating to his now-defunct file-sharing platform, Megaupload.

The exhibition exemplifies the artist’s critical and creative responses to the contested space of the media-sphere, which has for some time been the object of his attention. Model’s exhibition entails a dynamic slippage between information, images, and objects. His aim is to see what happens when the logic that functions on the internet is sourced and applied to exhibition making and thus to complicate too-easy distinctions between image and function, original and copy. In focusing on Dotcom’s case, which perfectly bridges these domains, he also sets out to question the nature of property, seeking to engage what he calls, “the most important legal discussions of the moment”, which concern the testy relationships between intellectual property and creative copyright, consumer products and consumers’ rights, access to information and the individual’s right to privacy.